Many people compare DJ Segler's music to artists like Jim Brickman, Yanni, Enya, and James Horner. It's a beautiful mix of solo piano, relaxing orchestral elements, and angelic background vocals. While his music is dynamically relaxing on its own, it has the ability to fill one's heart with passion when combined with other visual media. He published an album several years ago and has it available below.

His style of music has many soundtrack qualities, making it very effective in trying to re-create the images and emotions that typically accompany each piece. That emotion within DJ's music drives it into a category that makes it well suited for films, commercials, and other media that require dramatic background music. Please contact him if you have a project that might benefit from his style of music.

If you like what you hear, please consider supporting DJ's efforts to make more music by ordering an album. If you think you might have a friend that would enjoy this music, please consider passing the word along to them and ask them to visit this webpage!

You can purchase his music directly from Daydreams - DJ Segler, or you can buy his album as CD's or MP3's directly below. We hope that you enjoy his music as much as DJ enjoyed creating it.