DJ Segler has a unique blend of skills that allows him to do many different things. He takes that wide range of skills, mixes them with a good dose of creativity, and does everything he possibly can to make the impossible become possible.

He's done everything from building intricate parts in a machine shop for a high power laser system, building parts for animatronic characters for a special effects team, to managing a multi-million dollar product development effort for Texas Instruments designing high definition televisions for leading consumer brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and others.

He has almost 20 years of experience as a systems design engineer covering hardware, software, optics, and mechanical design. He holds several patents and has been published in several publications for organizations such as SMPTE, IEEE, and trade magazines such as Photonics Spectra.

He can deisgn things in CAD, write embedded software, edit a killer promotional video, compose music that moves the soul, create amazing interactive visual experiences in Flash, and design engaging graphics. He's ready to build any new cool gadget or gizmo.

Some call him a "Jack of All Trades and Master of None"... But, he prefers to call himself a "guy who isn't afraid to learn whatever is required to create that next Coolest Thing Ever".

He is available to help with your next project and looks forward to hearing from you soon. There certainly are alot of people out there that specialize in various areas of engineering, design, or multimedia development, but it's pretty rare to have the ability to contribute in all of those areas collectively - and do it well.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to the opportunity to help you with your next project soon!